Monday, September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017 - I'm Back!!!

As you can see by the date it has been over 5 years since I have been here!! I didn't even know this blog still existed!! I was visiting someone's blog, Tonya Ashe. She is a member of a group I joined recently and wanted to see if she had a blog...and I was delighted to see she is an artist of multiple talents. And then I saw her list of visiting places and mine was on it!!! I was so shocked and had to click on it and see if it was still here!!! And lo and it is !!! And I know I stated I accidentally deleted images but was surprised there were still some left. I also lost my Followers once when i tried to make changes, but see several others have since visited and I thank you.

I have no idea how this blog works anymore and so hope this typing is going to be ok as is. I am just typing as in an email and going to find a Post button and see what happens! lol

I don't know if there is a word limit or if it is dated automatically..but just in case...that is why I put date on the Heading.

I am sure some of you know how I am always experimenting on something new to create. I guess I either get bored with what I am doing and need a change, or one thing leads me to another as a by-product and I get curious!!  Well, since I have been here last I have tried several things, I will not list them all as I have already rambled long enough. Suffice to say I will try to come more often now and post images of some of my creating adventures!! lol

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Popping in to say hello!!!

Haven't been here for a while so I thought I would drop by and share some of the pages from one of my first journals I  have been working on now and then, in between making purse journals for family. In fact, I must get  back to my journals I started. I love them and miss working on them. So here are a few pages.....and as any art journaler probably knows.....I never really know if a page is really finished!!! lol I also see there have been changes here, so hope I don't have too much know how I am NOT a computer geek!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Haven't been here in a while and I see somehow I screwed up and ruined it here. I think becuase one day I was in Picasa and erroneously deleted a lot of images and didn't realize I was deleting them from here at the same time!!!! I didn't even know about Picasa, ended up there by accident and saw I had a page!!! Surprise!!! So I just started deleting things.....OOPS!!!
I am not too computer i will come back when I can and see if i can restore it...or delete it and create another. Maybe...
I apologize to my Followers. I have however, uploaded my latest adventure..learning how to Art Journal. And it is showing at my Facebook page. Not sure if I can add a link here to it, but will try.!/profile.php?id=100003406329810

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I want to thank you very much for stopping by and leaving comments if you do.
I am posting this message becuase for some reason I am hardly ever successful at leaving messages at your blogs to thank you and leave comments for you and your artistry. I do not know what the problem is but Google, Blogger, TypePad, etc etc all the options won't let me.
So please know I am not ignoring your friendship and kindness!
As for any new projects; I did work a few hours today on a couple of birthday cards.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~~~ ATC Doll ~~~

My entry into the Artchix Group lottery

of Wild Women.

Mine is all ready to party!!!

This is her with her movable limbs all tucked in for ATC size!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

~~~ Art Journaling - Ladies ~~~

This is my first Art Journal in a blank journal.
Accept for the one masculine page spread....the
other posted pages have stage one and two already
for an image to doodle on and around and write something.

~~~ New Adventure Altered Book - Nature ~~~

Well here is a look at my new adventure...journaling.
This Altered Book is for Nature, etc

I am only on the stages of decorating the pages now.
Journaling and Doodling will come later unless inspired.
I am trying ot remember to leave enough open spaces
here and there for Doodling and Writing.
I have two books started, one for flowers and one for ladies.
Having fun and hope someone else likes them...I am pleased so far.
I goofed on 2 pages and covered up with paper design and vellum.
On one I tried using craft iron with crayons, but even after I
buffed the page it still showed on my rag...didn't like that!!!

~~~ ATC Time ~~~

Busy creating an art journal and altering a book,
but didn't want to let month go by without posting.
This is one of my latest ATCs.
The legs can be moved up out of the way.
And the wings can bebent forward.
Gloves are different for whimsy.
Crown is gold trim.
Original image is from one of my art books.
Background is photo from...?
I love trees!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~~~ Wednesday Morning ~~~

Another Wednesday Morning busy desk. My 14 Halloween House are all ready to be pkg'd up for mailing to my group for swapping. There are a few Rolodex cards to finish up for Mexico and then India. And yesterday I printed out several Graphic Fairy black and white images to use up the last of the printer ink I wanted to get rid of.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~~~ Toilet Paper Rolls ~~~

No more text on blog....perhaps just captions when needed!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~~~ Wednesday Morning Plans ~~~

Another Wednesday image of continuing current project.
I am trying something new so I can play with my watercolor
pencils. I cannot draw so I decided to try my own way. Secret!

Monday, July 11, 2011

~~~ Another Adventure ~~~

Well I have been at it again! Trying something new!!
For the AFTCM Group I had to create a Steampunk Spoon!
So I used an old Gerber Baby spoon and bent it to be hung.
I used my Ranger Alcohol Inks for the first time really.
And then found among my stash an old red English Bus
metal pin. I could have sworn it said London on it,
but it has disappeared.
Perhaps in inking? The manipulating? My imagination? Who knows?
Then one thing led to another....
old earrings, old watch parts,old findings, an old watch spring!
Then Goop Crafter's Contact Adhesive, I was out of
E something or other. I also used another adhesive made for
jewelry making called Aleene's Glass & Bead...Platinum Bond.
So here it is and now I have to figure out how to box it up and
then mail it and hope nothing comes apart in transit!!!!
And I am already sad to know it will be gone.
I sure hope my partner will like it!!
I am not good with a camera so hope you get a positive sense of it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

~~~ Latest Adventure ~~~

Well I did it again..another first for me!
I know you have seen my previous attempt at
creating ATC Dolls. But they were not movable.
And I have been dying to make ATC dolls that
have movable parts.

It is no secret that I am an admirer of Laura
Haviland and her dolls!! And have been inspired
to finally try one.
Well, these might not be most I am
nonetheless proud of them.

btw..the subject for the swap I made them for is
Food! So the reason for the food image outfits.
I hope my partner enjoys my efforts!!

The Veggie dress is from a calendar.
And the vintage Oat dress is from a book of vintage
kitchen items and food products. They are old
oatmeal containers. And no...I did not create the bosom is just an optical allusion created by the size
of the they did work out to my
advantage didn't they?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~~~ Another Wednesday Desktop ~~~

Well it is another Wednesday desktop mess for
the WOYWW Group. An image of what my desktop
looks like this morning after the night before!
- My Tip-In page to mail out today.
- An ATC Jam to play with and mail out.
- A few free images to cut out from a book called
"Thirty-Six Artists". Great book about 36 artists
and a sampling of their work. And the publication
includes a few images from the artists that are free.
- Practicing with brad maker that I have a hard
time with but have discovered 2 other ways to get a
value out of it!! An Alcohol Ink idea and a flower idea.
- And a few misc. images cut out from my cutting
session yesterday to sort thru and store.

I just signed up for a few swaps in a couple of groups
so I have some creating to get to today. But this morning
I remembered about taking a shot of my desktop.

Monday, June 13, 2011

~~~ Well, I finally did it!! ~~~

My wonderful regular Followers know how I am
always trying new techniques and experimenting.
So I bought Graphic 45 paper a couple of months
ago and have been reticent to cut into it!! lol
Well I finally did it!! I needed to create a Tip-In
Page for a swap of a group I had recently left
trying to downsize and free up more creative time.
I didn't relaize I was given a partner for this swap
so I wanted to fulfill my obligation. So I decided
since this was my first time I didn't want to screw
it up by not using the best supplies I could.

I didn't know what theme her book was that I was
to create a page for, so I just picked out paper that
I thought was really cool and different. Then I found
out she was creating a book of flowers, trees, nature!
So I had to think of a way to turn my jazzy page into
something pretty looking. I hope I succeeded for her.

I left an inch on the left for when she adheres it into
her book spine.
I put a tab on it becuase I didnt know if she was
doing that, but she can always cut it off.
And both sides have removable tags or bookmarks.

Sorry for glare...I am not good at taking pictures,
I am just grateful my darling neice sent me a camera.
Maria was so sweet to that for me, I love her!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Since I haven't been here for a while I thought I
would visit some comments. and I want you all to
know I really am grateful for your visit and comments.
You are all very generous and I see it is time for me
to visit your blogs again.
I have been busy reorganizing some areas in my room here.
Paper, images, templates, etc etc etc.
Also joining a few swaps that were new to me in a few groups.
But I htink it is time to make time to visit you all and see
what you have been up to and what new areas you have
ventured into too.


~~~ Wednesday Plans ~~~

Oh my has been 2 months since I have been here?
Good Grief...I have uploaded to Facebook and forgot about
coming sorry to my Followers.

Today I went to a new kind of web site that I may join.
They upload a photo of their desk on Wednesdays.
Kind of interesting and fun!
So I am putting up here my photo for plans.

I plan on making a glove for a RAK Trade.
I have already cut it out as you can see. I used textured
wallpaper to give it a realistic feel.

I also have joined in a new kind of group project.
It is for creating an altered page for your partner that she
will "Tip-In" into her journal.
This is new for me and I didn't have any hard cover books
anymore, becuase when I moved I got rid of all of them.
But luckily I found a cookbook I never use so I went and tore
out a lot of pages and for the ones I saved I want to add
some images I gathered as you can see. Since it was for
cooking I decided I would make a Flowers & Food Journal,
which of course will include birds and butterflies.

I have never done anything like either of these 2 projects so
it is going to be a challenge...but they sound like fun!!

Here is the photo for the WOYWW group....I think
this stands for "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?".

Monday, March 21, 2011

~~~ Ball Gown ~~~

Well I am adventuring into new

territory again, You know me, always

trying new things. This dress was for

a group swap. But as usual I always want

to know how somehting is to be used or

displayed. So as usual Ihad to come up with

something that my partner could do with it.

I created a cardboard template and added a n

easel so the dress could be sat on a shelf and be

free standing. Then I created the dress.

I am not one for dainty objects, I am kind of

all thumbs and no patience with frill and fou fou.

I took an old Barbie dress for the base dress and

cut off the bodice...never again....and then

decorated with trim and feathers and vintage pearls.

I took a piece of lace crinolin form a large old doll for

underneath dress and give the dress fullness. The

swap was actually called Marie Antoinette Ball Gown.

The most fun was creating the template,

made two to adhere together and covered with

scrapbook paper and edged it with gold trim.

I had more fun doing that than the dress!! lol

Hope you like it and my partner too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~~~ Latest AFTCM Group Swap ~~~

Two ATCs of Queen of Hearts was our
theme. I already had these images of
my Mother and myself with crowns.
So I decided to use them for the ATCs.
Luckily I already had two items that had
the hearts already cut out so that saved me
trying to cut hearts acurately!!!
I used black embossing powder on the right
for the first time...and it really is neat stuff!!
And then I colored in using a marker
I have had for ages never used.
They are called Brush Pens by RenArt.
It is set of two markers and the
others are acid free.
I have no idea if they are for paper
or are fabric markers....don't remember
where or why I bought them. lol
On the left ATC I cut out a piece of a 3D sticker
with lots of bling!! Scanning doesn't show it.
Hope they are enjoyed...maybe I shouldn't tell
my partner who they

I know you cannot open the image...I don't know how

yet, I am waiting for an email answer. The info here

is too wordy as usual and I do not understand it. Sorry.

Now I can't get rid of the double spacing here.

I am thinking of going to a different place to blog!

I just don't know what to do all you nice Followers.

Monday, February 7, 2011

~~~ Another Art Adventure ~~~

My adventure this time is that I have joined

some friends in a new group called

Journal Techniques creating an Art Journal.

Tami is giving us one challenge a week for it.

It is good for us who are new at journaling

to have that much time to complete it. And

it is nice having the time since most of us in

the group are in other groups and have other

challenges and swaps we are working on.

I am going to post some completed challenges

and beg you to remember this is my

absolutely first Art Journal!!!

Cover Challenge

Coloring Challenge

Close eyes and use left hand Challenge

Age Challenge

Cover All Challenge


Thursday, January 13, 2011

~~~ 1 - 11 - 11 ~~~

Do you believe that date?!

That is when I created these!!

Well latest new art venture for me is

making ATC size dolls for a swap.

The size was hard enough I didn't

want to try any sewing, not my thing.

So one is glittered and the other is

wrapped in thin variegated trim.

And making faces is also going to be a

challenge for me in this new group so

here I took artistic license and used

a bead for one and a watch face for other.

Works for me!! I like the look!! How about you?

Monday, January 10, 2011

~~~ Happy 2011 ~~~

Good Grief do you believe the date?!!
Haven't posted lately so I thought I
would catch up a bit with 2 new items.
My AFTCM Group swaps keeps me on
my toes trying new things
and stretching myself.
I finally made another Easel Card
that had to be aqua, cream and white
with a paper doily.
And I also created a Cinderella Slipper and
decided to make mine out of a transparency
........the kind you can print on.........
rather than paper...after all she did wear
a Glass Slipper right? lol
I am also going to see what happens if I
choose a new format for photos.
I am bored with the same old way.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

~~~ Christmas Tags 2 and #3 ~~~

My rendition of Tim Holtz tags since I have
to improvise with supplies.....and talent. lol

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~~~ Christmas Tag #1 ~~~

Well I couldn't end the year w/o
putting up something for the
holiday season.
So I was inspired by Tim H. to
make this tag. his was a Rickety
House, but I did not have that I made a Ritzy Hs.

And next year I am going to try
and change the style of this blog.
I am bored with it being on the
side like this. I want to see if I
can make it in the center. But you
know me...if a problem can be had,
I will definitely have it!! lol
Happy Holiday Season to you all!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~~~Latest Experiment~~~

Good Grief!! Has it really been that long?
August? It has been a busy summer learning
new things....sometimes successful and
sometimes laughable.
My latest adventure was in trying to draw.
The first part was to draw a face.
The second part was to color it.
I screwed up the eye so had to Alter Art it.
Added a
The background was part of the lesson and
I used gesso, a stamp, and a tissue for texture.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

~~~ More Halloween Tags ~~~

Ok...went back and created 2 Tags

in Torso shapes correctly this time.

It is a shame you cannot tell here,

but the background in some areas is

so sparkly you can read by the light! lol

Also the 2 tall hats!

I just love the Martha Stewart Glitters!!

And I will adhere orange and black

plaid ribbon to the backs to

be able to hang the tags.

Friday, August 27, 2010

~~~ Hint of Halloween ~~~

Here are a few unfinished Tags I made

for the Halloween season of swaps.

The Cat Tag was to be made in the

shape of a torso. Discovered later I

was in error to add a head to the tag.

So more tags have to be made and I

will share the swap tags for my group.

The 2 non-traditional color tags were

just inspired by the images I had. And

thought it would be fun to use unusual

colors for Halloween.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

~~~ Another Swap Card ~~~

The challenge this time was to
create a card of Black/Brown/Cream.
The image if from an old calendar.
The flowers and brad are the accents.
The background is a PSP gradient.

Friday, August 20, 2010

~~~ Matchbox ~~~

OK..this is my second attempt!!
The only matchbox I had to make a
template from was 3 x 4½ ".
I chose seashore vacation becuase
I had beach and water life items.
So the blue water on top scene is
on top of the beach scene underneath.
Sequin shapes, beads, shells, lg. beads,
earrings, flowers, charms of fish,
seahorses, star fish & fibers.
Made the box itself out of K&Company
paper and edged it with fancy trim.
Hope my AFTCM Partner likes it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~~~ Another First ~~~

Well here I go again. Testing my patience.
I wanted to see if I could alter a matchbox.
I only had an old one that is very shallow.
It was from a motel in Dorset, VT. A trip
with my late Mother over 30 years ago.
So I thought I could practice with it for
myself. I covered both pieces with very old
sheet music and then realized I could not
get the inside piece back in its holder.
So before embellishing I had to figure out
what to do about that. So decided to
glue together. And then when adding
a bead embellishment I had made to dangle,
I ended up also making the matchbox to be
able to be hung up.
And from there just kept adding things
as I came across them.
So when I make one for a swap I hope it is
okay if I don't have to put the box inside. lol

Sunday, August 1, 2010

~~~ Busy Weekend ~~~

I used my new gadget and made the
brads on these cards from matching papers.
The Bradmaker is made by i-Top,

I put some bling on these two.
The cabbage image came from The
Graphics Fairy site of free vintages.

On these two cards I made bows,
not my favorite thing to do, for
some reason I have a hard time!!

The flower sticker has bling and
the Windmill image has a pretty
brad I bought a while ago in NJ.

Friday, July 23, 2010

~~~ ATC Houses ~~~

Ok...another first for me!!
One of my group swaps is to
make 6 House Fronts the same
size of an ATC.
Well here they are. They were to
be made our of chipboard and I
think my stiff wide cardpiece is
the same thing.
And I used K&Company papers,
Micron Pens for drawing, trims,
Flower Soft, and several pieces
from scrap boxes of paper and
For adhering I used Xyron and
Glossy Accents.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~~~ Black & White ~~~

Creating something in black & white is
often challenging but fun. Today I made
2 Tags of vintage images from the
Graphics Fairy.
I tore the female image and edged with
black ink pad and added a star brad.
The background paper was printed from
a PSP file of a gradient shade of B & W.

The birdbath image I adhered onto white
paper and then onto black Barilla paper
and also edged tag with black ink and also
has a brad.
I hope you like is for a swap and I will
be sad to see them go!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

~~~ Bookmark & A Thank You ~~~

Holder to be hung on wall while
reading your book!
Was latest experiment.
Took a clear plastic pocket for a
binder and cut it to size for this.
Made sure image was nice to hang.

I mainly popped in today to say
Thank You for all the Comments!!
I am gratified that you all visited and
were thoughtful enough to comment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~~~ Birthday Gifts for Twins ~~~

The above set is for my niece Diana.
- PC from Buckingham Palace
- Diana the Huntress Transparency
- Beaded Fringe Trim
- Eyelash Trim
- Black & Silver Brad
- Copper Wire for hanger
- Bling that sparkles
Its Envelope:
- Cardstock
- Diana Statue Transparency
- Scroll Transparency
- Distress Inks on edges

This set is for her twin Elena.
- Another PC from the Palace
- A transparency of a Greek Maiden
- The framing trim is copper German Scrap
- Beaded Fringe Trim and Eyelash Trim
- Sparkly Bling pieces and coppery Brad
Its Envelope:
- Cardstock, Transparency and Scroll
- Distress Inks around the edges
And I have to tell you it took me quite a while
to create an envelope for the Tags! I had to
create a template for this size tag!!
I used Modge Podge for the adhering of the
trims. And Xyron for the Transparencies.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

~~~ Zentangle #1 ~~~

Well I am not too sure about this sharing.
But I gave a shot at creating a Zentangle!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

~~~ Steampunk Necklace ~~~

Stage One...creating the necklace out
of a mint tin. While sanding the tin and
wondering how I would make a necklace!
Then I decided...separate the halves,
hammer both parts flat, and punch holes.
Then had to think about how to get it to hang!

Then after achieving that to adding whatever!
Had fun....and will be sad to mail away
to my group swap partner!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~~~ Tres Jolie #6 ~~~

Still playing with dolls and still
learning. This time I tried to make
her more collaged....with buttons,
feathers, jewelry and Artchix crown.
I like her and hope you do too!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

~~~ More Art Dolls ~~~

Well...was at it again.....playing with dolls.

My only question that I am not sure of is.... be Art Dolls should I add things like

paper crowns and hats and flowers, etc?

If I imagine doing that to these dolls I

feel it would ruin their look.

And like the others I did adhere a hanging

loop on the back.

Or maybe these are not considered Art

Dolls afterall! I need some feedback please.

Friday, May 28, 2010

~~~ Art Dolls ~~~

OK....I joined an Art Doll swap

for paper dolls. I was a little

scared after Googling and seeing

what was out there. I found I

couldn't use what I saw, espcially

when I realized there was no way

I could do a doll like the ones I saw!

So..decided to just jump in and do

one thing at a time as the ideas came

to me.

I started by using a template I have

had for years and cut it out of K&Co

cardstock with patterns on both sies.

I usually try to always make the back

of something visually appealing.

Then went thru my stash of female

faces that would fit on the template.

And from there I would sit and look

at the doll for a while until I was

inspired to imagine what I would

like to see on the doll.

I also added a piece of gold cording

on the back so that the doll could be

displayed by hanging it up!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~~~ A Doll ? ~~~

Well this is one time scanning is not
helpful. It is hard to get the correct
image with embellishments when
scanning as opposed to taking a shot
with a digital camera...which I do not
have any more. That aside....
This is my first try at making a doll.
I started out wanting to make a Dotee
Doll but did not have a lot of help
from YouTube or Google this time. is my version of a.....
whatever doll! lol What do I call it?
I used fabric with a face on it becuase I
did not want to add trying to create a
face in the mix!
And I used an image I found of an
Egyptian queen with a head full of beads
to look like hair. And I added the gold mesh
becuase I have seen "things" this shape on
heads in Egyptian
The beaded trim on the bottom is to
complete the illusion of a body...I guess.
I am not a needless to say I had
my share of aggravation with the sewing!!!
But it was fun and I will try it again....but not
Egyptian....was too much trouble!!!
And finally, I sewed on a gold tone ring on
the back so it can be hung up somewhere.

Monday, May 17, 2010

~~~ Easel Card ~~~

Well...another first!! An easel card for
my cousin and her husband's anniversary.
Had to make it twice due to mistakes.
But I managed to rescue what I didn't
want to lose.
Paper flower I made from a K&Company kit.
I used Distress Ink on the edges.
And the 2 gold rings I had from years ago
when I was going to use as halos for angels.
Tried to scan it upright because I do not
have a digital camera. So it looks a little
odd...but the dimenions are correct eventho
it looks like the top part is wider than the
base with the pattern paper.
And used a key charm for the "brake"!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

~~~ Beauty and the Beads ~~~

It is funny how just a scrap piece of paper can
inspire you. That is what happened to me today.
I received this scrap piece of striped paper from
a friend....and here is what I made with an image
I have had for years! Also the wood beads have
been rattling in here for ages and the piece at
the bottom was probably something from a
flea market! lol

~~~ Latest Greeting ~~~

Made some items I won as a mystery poster

in one of my paper craft groups.

The striped paper and the blue behind the

little girl matched my cardstock so I

couldn't resist. And also the image of the

little girl that I was to color. It was fun to

make and I think she is so cute!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

~~~ Another Tag Day ~~~

The mauve cardstock doesn't show real well.
Or the glittery tiara and sparkly beads on wall.
But I love my chandelier stamp and used gold
leaf pen on it!
And today I did something really new, I used
a glue pad from Distress Inks and embossed
a design on the tag before adding the image.
And as a usual practice I added a gold wire
loop in the back if the person wants to hang it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~~~ Grunge Tags Book ~~~

Bound with Torn Fabric

Cover ....................Page 1

T of C .....................Men

Birds ......................Lincoln

1926 Ladies ...1926 Bayer Ads

Around the World..... Paris

Children ............Back Cover