Monday, September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017 - I'm Back!!!

As you can see by the date it has been over 5 years since I have been here!! I didn't even know this blog still existed!! I was visiting someone's blog, Tonya Ashe. She is a member of a group I joined recently and wanted to see if she had a blog...and I was delighted to see she is an artist of multiple talents. And then I saw her list of visiting places and mine was on it!!! I was so shocked and had to click on it and see if it was still here!!! And lo and it is !!! And I know I stated I accidentally deleted images but was surprised there were still some left. I also lost my Followers once when i tried to make changes, but see several others have since visited and I thank you.

I have no idea how this blog works anymore and so hope this typing is going to be ok as is. I am just typing as in an email and going to find a Post button and see what happens! lol

I don't know if there is a word limit or if it is dated automatically..but just in case...that is why I put date on the Heading.

I am sure some of you know how I am always experimenting on something new to create. I guess I either get bored with what I am doing and need a change, or one thing leads me to another as a by-product and I get curious!!  Well, since I have been here last I have tried several things, I will not list them all as I have already rambled long enough. Suffice to say I will try to come more often now and post images of some of my creating adventures!! lol

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