Sunday, June 26, 2011

~~~ Latest Adventure ~~~

Well I did it again..another first for me!
I know you have seen my previous attempt at
creating ATC Dolls. But they were not movable.
And I have been dying to make ATC dolls that
have movable parts.

It is no secret that I am an admirer of Laura
Haviland and her dolls!! And have been inspired
to finally try one.
Well, these might not be most I am
nonetheless proud of them.

btw..the subject for the swap I made them for is
Food! So the reason for the food image outfits.
I hope my partner enjoys my efforts!!

The Veggie dress is from a calendar.
And the vintage Oat dress is from a book of vintage
kitchen items and food products. They are old
oatmeal containers. And no...I did not create the bosom is just an optical allusion created by the size
of the they did work out to my
advantage didn't they?


bohemiannie! art said...

these dolls are awesome - lovin your blog!


Deborah said...


Coleen said...

Lovely is not always the standard in art, Margaret. They are, as Deborah said, "Delightful."

Coleen from AB

KnitYoga said...

Love those dolls. They are great and have such character!

Theresa said...

I think they're very inventive! I can see them hanging up on a bulletin board or monitor to show!