Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~~~ Wednesday Plans ~~~

Oh my has been 2 months since I have been here?
Good Grief...I have uploaded to Facebook and forgot about
coming sorry to my Followers.

Today I went to a new kind of web site that I may join.
They upload a photo of their desk on Wednesdays.
Kind of interesting and fun!
So I am putting up here my photo for plans.

I plan on making a glove for a RAK Trade.
I have already cut it out as you can see. I used textured
wallpaper to give it a realistic feel.

I also have joined in a new kind of group project.
It is for creating an altered page for your partner that she
will "Tip-In" into her journal.
This is new for me and I didn't have any hard cover books
anymore, becuase when I moved I got rid of all of them.
But luckily I found a cookbook I never use so I went and tore
out a lot of pages and for the ones I saved I want to add
some images I gathered as you can see. Since it was for
cooking I decided I would make a Flowers & Food Journal,
which of course will include birds and butterflies.

I have never done anything like either of these 2 projects so
it is going to be a challenge...but they sound like fun!!

Here is the photo for the WOYWW group....I think
this stands for "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?".


Carolyn Phillips said...

Welcome, and thank you for sharing your desk photo. Looks like you are having fun finding things to join in with.

Julia Dunnit said...

Peggy you're so welcome and so right about WOYWW - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. It's my blog for all the crafty and daily stuff, but Wednesday is always for WOYWW...I like it! L love the look of your desk and the plan for the gloves - fun swap!

Elaine Harding said...

What fun projects to do. What I love about Julia's WOYWW is such a variety of interests. TFS #4