Monday, January 10, 2011

~~~ Happy 2011 ~~~

Good Grief do you believe the date?!!
Haven't posted lately so I thought I
would catch up a bit with 2 new items.
My AFTCM Group swaps keeps me on
my toes trying new things
and stretching myself.
I finally made another Easel Card
that had to be aqua, cream and white
with a paper doily.
And I also created a Cinderella Slipper and
decided to make mine out of a transparency
........the kind you can print on.........
rather than paper...after all she did wear
a Glass Slipper right? lol
I am also going to see what happens if I
choose a new format for photos.
I am bored with the same old way.


sassyb07 said...

WOW! Peggy, your card and glass slipper are brilliant. You should post it in our group for everyone to see too...just a thought.
hugs, Valerie

Elle Kasban said...

I simply ADORE your Cinderally glass slipper! How beautiful! Elle

Deborah said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year to you!

Tolegranny said...

I love the glass slipper. Fit for a fairy princess.