Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~~~ Another First ~~~

Well here I go again. Testing my patience.
I wanted to see if I could alter a matchbox.
I only had an old one that is very shallow.
It was from a motel in Dorset, VT. A trip
with my late Mother over 30 years ago.
So I thought I could practice with it for
myself. I covered both pieces with very old
sheet music and then realized I could not
get the inside piece back in its holder.
So before embellishing I had to figure out
what to do about that. So decided to
glue together. And then when adding
a bead embellishment I had made to dangle,
I ended up also making the matchbox to be
able to be hung up.
And from there just kept adding things
as I came across them.
So when I make one for a swap I hope it is
okay if I don't have to put the box inside. lol


Otter Blue said...

Peggy, you tickle me! I think you did a very honorable first attempt. I really like the sheet music and the jewel embellishments. I never thought about trouble getting the insert back inside....I will pay attention to that when I am working on mine. I've never done an altered matchbox either although I have a whole supply of matchboxes and I even have image sheet specifically made for matchbox shrines. I am not sure if I will use the image sheets though, it kind of seems like cheating to me. Maybe I will use them as a base and build from there. Anyway, thanks for sharing your creation and experience!

Jan M said...

I love the matchbox, but I can see where you might have been testing your patience. Great Job!