Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~~~ A Doll ? ~~~

Well this is one time scanning is not
helpful. It is hard to get the correct
image with embellishments when
scanning as opposed to taking a shot
with a digital camera...which I do not
have any more. That aside....
This is my first try at making a doll.
I started out wanting to make a Dotee
Doll but did not have a lot of help
from YouTube or Google this time. is my version of a.....
whatever doll! lol What do I call it?
I used fabric with a face on it becuase I
did not want to add trying to create a
face in the mix!
And I used an image I found of an
Egyptian queen with a head full of beads
to look like hair. And I added the gold mesh
becuase I have seen "things" this shape on
heads in Egyptian
The beaded trim on the bottom is to
complete the illusion of a body...I guess.
I am not a needless to say I had
my share of aggravation with the sewing!!!
But it was fun and I will try it again....but not
Egyptian....was too much trouble!!!
And finally, I sewed on a gold tone ring on
the back so it can be hung up somewhere.


sassyb07 said...

hi Peggy
for not knowing what you were doing it turned out really well!
hugs, Valerie

PlumCat Art said...

Hi Peggy:
Your doll is a true mixed media piece of art. Yes, the Egyptian feel is awesome. Hooray for your first doll.
Big hug, Mary Ann

Deborah said...

She looks great! It's hard to believe this is your first doll.